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Words From The Exit Wound
Poem For Charles


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(14th December, 2001, Sometime after midnight)
Reaching for the light
Your wings are clipped off
Your trying hand
Touched failure in your triumph.
A battle lost
Death has trapped your mortality
Entering a state of existence
Where battles are won
And the soul forever will be.
Your quest remains unanswered
Your meaning unfathomable
The endless black depth
The endless obstacles
Are finally deceased.
A final strike
Forced a final breath
The cold hand reached out
Grasping for the coldest neck
When life reeked, crooked and spent.
Your struggle in tears
Your answer lies here
Broken boundaries of pain unexplained
The frigid extermination
Of your burning survival.
In the dim of your questions
In the darkness of your travel
Your desired light is found
Beyond the realms of sight and sound
Lies the fickle failure, your triumph has downed.
Though I can no longer feel you in whole
I still hear the voice of your soul.
For Chuck Schuldiner, thanks for the music, mind, words and thought.
Rest in peace.