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Words From The Exit Wound
What Of That?


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(28th Jan, 2002, 11:16 PM)
"And not come back..."
What of that?
Selfishly you turn the tables
Why, what is there to say?
I realise you will not enjoy my stay.
So go, and I will depart
If I cannot be your soul
This is where we part
So go, and take it all away
And hurt, hurt
When you find something say.
Would you share my dream
Even if it shocks, makes us scream?
Or will you enjoy the distant?
If that is what you want
I shall not stay, I shan't!
Hurt, hurt, hurt
Should you swallow?
This heart, you can slice and hack
I promise, I will never come back.
"And not come back..."
Tell me, what of that?