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Words From The Exit Wound
A Question Of Madness


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(28th Feb, 2002, 12:40 AM)
If I speak, would you care?
If I don't, would you dare?
The night, it brings me questions
The night, it brings me bliss
It brings me close, it takes me far
From somewhere in between, I write this.
I wish you were mad
Like the powerful queen
In love with the spade
Though today, tomorrow will it fade?
You have brought me the night
Now bring me the day
You have promised me tonight
With so much more to say.
Maybe you can imagine
What you have come to mean to me
A heart of gold and satin
Hide it away, My eyes still see
Put away your heroes
In your black drawers, with your secrets
Discover me inside another
Yearning for that madness, before the day sets.
Sit beside me, and whisper what I feel
Too soft for my ears
Just enough for the wind
To gracefully bring me to kneel.
Don't ever stop this
Not even to think
Tomorrow, bring me madness
And intoxicate this ink.
If you speak now, I would care
If you don't, I'd even dare.