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Words From The Exit Wound
Reflection Of One


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(25th Feb, 2002, 11:50 PM)
Will I notice you in the mirror?
I only see my face becoming clearer
Like lines in the sand
And the cuts on my hand
And these lines on my face
Or have you fallen from grace?
Have you seen tomorrow
Or wept for today's sorrow?
If my mirror stares back
Is it you that I lack?
Take a look at yourself
Stare back and speak
Is it you that you seek?
Or did you notice me?
I won't beg for forgiveness
I won't let you choose
Between me and the mirror
The light and the fuse
Now, if you have seen me
Just call it by my name
Remember, if you believe it
Things will never be the same.
Now that you've found me
And now that you know
Break your mirrors and mine
They have nothing left to show.
Now you look into it again
And all you see is all me
Like lines in the sand
And the cuts on your hand
Are those lines on our faces
And the one heart that races?
I look into the mirror
And you are all that I notice
Your face is becoming clearer
What could be your motive?