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Words From The Exit Wound
Sadistical Reverie


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(7th Sept, 2002, 1 AM)
Oh crimson moon of farthing Celestia
Bring me forth nights of ardent red wine
Symphonic, in your silent silhouette
Thou ecstatically bless me with blackened twine
To capture sylvan enchantresses in fanatical lust fantasies
Arousing them to vociferous moans of deeper throat
Nibbling them fang-like into wondrous pale overture
Caressing me aloft to blossom in their song, note to note.
Quietus lord, let not the autumn leaves rustle in disharmony
Whilst I lay headfirst on blooming breasts
For patient years have I waited for such astral pleasures
Let the mead-nymph lead me to tuneful lots, inflicted with imperceptible guests
Lo, Bacchus - dost thou hear?
Slay fawns that rummage through rosaries in vain
Sprinkle plum-like juices on their bleeding corpses
Scythe them toward my course in perilous disdain.
In misty moonlit desire, I forsake her hand in mine
Rising upwards to conquer heaven's bashful ravines
Where lovelorn seraphs whimper in nightly dejection
Carrying burdened wings that shiver their spines
Aggressive in sweet union of mighty vice
Stark bare, we massacre their blighted scenes
Feasting angelic flesh in mirth, by slice
We witness burning defilation, like starved libertines.
Oh Neptune, harness thyself to my blasphemer reverie
For triumph I have flavored with my nocturnal queen
In castles of maggot-like horror she hast dwelled 
A sodden beauty, none eyes hath ever seen.
Now thirsty, I quest her again
Lingering behind her prison of unholy seductive desire
For there are still heavens to pillage in furious scorn
Come to me deceiver wench, we shalt never tire.