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Words From The Exit Wound
Evolve Through Me


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(Sunday, 16th June, 2002, 11:15 PM)
So tried, so tired
Expecting distant moans
Reflecting existence through unknowns
Are we that expired?
That a candle cannot sustain
Our burning flames, lo and behold!
This neglected perplexity, who ever admired?
So dissatisfied, demanding
Potentials are shunned
Attentions, spat on, spurned
An emotional eluding.
Self denial, embrace bitter escapism
A break in vital equations, a schism.
Let us rot in void, no answers for the asking.
Walk with me through my mind
Experience the extents of need
You might think it greed?
Let you seethe,
Involve you in my nightmare
Cloying dream, you can share
Of love, relation, desire, craving
And other assorted sins.
In this vision remain trapped, away from urban dins.
Place your shell next to mine
Exterminate communication, just lie
Travel through souls, and cry
Try each, corrupt to clean, a fine line
And then arrive in mine.
A deadly safety, unconditional care
Eternal static, a frozen stare.
Homecoming! I celebrate you, divine.