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Words From The Exit Wound
Like Religion


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(1st Sept, 2002, 1:30 AM)
Like religion, I created mind idols
Of you, and slept at your stone feet
I worshipped your beady eyes
In your temple, found retreat.
And like religion, I blindly followed
Your book, and propagated to all
Your splendour, majesty and beauty
Dogmas I created, maliciously to befall.
Like religion, I preached your sermons
To my own congregation of fools
Celebrated, in atonement, your festivals
Mindfully followed your rules.
And like religion, I cursed all detractors
Unbelievers, that seemingly saw through you
Shed their blood with swords of divine hate
For you were the one, and only, true.
Till one fine, gloomy rain day
You finally frowned, and went away
Offering burnt alibis of the angelic order
Leaving me the blame, labelling me "marauder".
As the day of judgement drew near
Not a Heaven was in sight
A fiery pit, had I died
For clearly,
Like religion,
You lied.