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I often find myself floating through these realms. Perhaps, we'll find each other floating around in them, too.

"Inside four walls,
They took away your freedom,

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Kanika's page of expression. Like her words, her page is an inspiration.
The Indian rock music site. Find me on the forums under "MetalToto". Explore our vast, yet frustrated and untapped talent.
An outlet to my thoughts on the music that I love - metal. I am a reviewer here. Find me in the "Reviews" and "About" sections. Also, on the message boards, under 'NextInLine'. Flame, get flamed, discuss, force your little opinions. A great non-commercial site.
A meeting place for metalheads worldwide - UNITE & CONQUER! A message board driven on mutual respect and the metal brotherhood, find me under 'NextInLine'.
The official site of the Indian ex-rock/metal magazine, now 'entertainment' magazine. Although, I no longer buy RSJ, the site itself is quite nice, and I enjoy my post as Moderator of the message boards. Find me there under 'NextInLine'.
A good portrayal of young Indian talent in fiction, poetry and art. From wonderfully mediocre to unsurprisingly superb. Beware, though, of the shitty bulletin board - but find me there under 'SatanIsASissy'.
LETS PLAY! Download the game program or play online.
Metal India
As the name suggests, this is the Indian 'extreme metal webzine'. Not as active as it used to be, but still worth checking out. Covers metal bands from all over the world, concentrating on India and the rest of Asia. Some of my reviews are up on this site as well. Support the scene!
AMG All Music
A fantastic site for artist/band biography, discography, brief reviews and the rest. I use this for my reference purposes. Much better and faster than CD NOW or AMAZON. Also, check out All Movies and All Games, which are linked from this main site.
Green Goblin T-Shirts
For the first time in India, extreme metal T-shirts that actually look good! This small company was started by my friend Billy from Mumbai, and is still growing as sales increase. Check out the IMMORTAL shirt! I'm the official distributor in Bangalore.
The last word on extreme metal reviews. Run by Chroazim of the band Megiddo. Excellent stuff.
Demonic Resurrection
A gothic metal band from Mumbai, India, which concentrates on original music. Headed by Sahil a.k.a. The Demonstealer, a good friend of mine! Worth checking out.
Gore galore!!
A CD/MP3 trade site based in India exclusively for extreme metal. If you want more extreme music and have something to offer - sign up!
Add titbits like a guestbook, webring, polls et al to your site. Bravenet is the best!
Riddhi's page. Not much on it as of now, but when it's completed, it's going to be awesome - with lots of animation!
Stoner/thrashers from Mumbai, India. I really enjoy their newer sound, and their album 'Headlines' will be out soon! Check them out.
The only Indian record company that is signing on Metal bands. They have a semi-decent Indian bands compilation called 'Deepthroat' out. Long way to go, but doing a decent job, methinks!
Very good for biographies, discographies and song lists of many a metal band.
My friend Kiren's brother Dipu's moody, depressing project in the States. Very Alice In Chains-y at times, yet very original!
Kick ass band from Mumbai, India. An edgy mix of extreme hardcore and mallcore. They have explosive live shows, as well! Very worth checking out!
If you think your site is worthy of linkage, do tell me.

"When doubt subsides his honesty
An inquiry, is it blasphemy?
Impure the soul, thats made to suffer,
No sermons left to hide or cover,
An empty promise, lie unfulfilled,
To steal a dream or get it killed,
They claim your trip to heavens nearby,
You may believe it, but Satan won't lie." - SLAYER.

A link is but a suggestion, a reccomendation. Use it, misuse it.